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Brandfort Attractions



Winnie Mandela’s home

The home and place to which Winnie Mandela was banished during the Apartheid era. The government at the time thought that this move would minimise her influence on the disgruntled Africans in the townships on the Rand. Her home subsequently became a tourist attraction.


Dewersdorp Concentration Camp

Dewersdorp Concentration Camp, outside the town, was named after Captain Dwyer, a humane man, who showed mercy towards the Boer women and children incarcerated here, he helped wherever he could. A beautiful statue of an angel, all in white, resting against an upright cross, in front of the Dutch Reformed Church, honours the many women and children who died here. The Monument erected at the Concentration Camp cemetery on the Lovain farm lists all the names of the dead.


Vice-Admiral Weston Home

The first aeroplane ever built in Africa saw the light of day on the property of Vice-Admiral Weston, who lived in Brandfort. His home is now a popular tourist attraction.


Voortrekker Memorial Wall

The memorial wall located in front of the Dutch Reformed Church, honours the early Voortrekker settlers.



Palmiefontein Dam A place very popular destination for angling.



• It was established on the farm Keerom on the 30 October 1866 by Jacobus van Zilj and after he established a church, he invited President J.H. Brand, the fourth President of The Republic to visit the community, shortly afterwards the town was named in his honour