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Fouriesburg was proclaimed a town in 1892 deriving its name from the many families with the name of Fourie who were living in the area. The original Fourie was Mr Rooi Stoffel Fourie, owner of the farm Groenfontein.

During the Anglo Boer War Fouriesburg was proclaimed the Capital of the Orange Free State. The proclamation was printed on a field printing press “Di Skoorsteenki” and has never been rescinded.

Fouriesburg is situated in the Eastern Free State. It is 50km from Bethlehem and 50km from Ficksburg. The Town is surrounded by the Maluti mountains and is only 10 km from the Lesotho border. The elevation is 1627m above sea level. The nearby peak of Visierskerf in the Witteberge is the second highest mountain peak in the Free State and is the seventh highest in the country.