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Moqhaqa Local Municipality

Moqhaka Local Municipality is situated within the southern part of the Fezile Dabi District in the Free State Province. The seat of local government is Kroonstad. The community name is the south Sesotho word for ‘crown’. The farmer Kroonstad, Steynsrus and Viljoenskroon Transitional Local Council and sections of the Riemland, Kroonskop and Koepel Transitional Rural Councils are included in the Moqhaka Local Municipality.

The general tendency of migration from rural to urban areas is also occurring in the area, as is the case in the rest of the Free State Province. In comparison to the other municipalities within the Fezile Dabi District, it appears as if Moqhaka is significantly less urbanised.


The Greater Kroonstad area is the centre of a large agricultural community that plays an important role in the economy of the District. Subsequently industrial activities contribute significantly to the district’s economy. The Department of Correctional Services and the School of Engineers military basis are situated in the town. Kroonstad has recently become a distinguished holiday destination due to the ultra-modern and popular holiday resort of Kroonspark, adjacent to the Val’s River. The urban area is situated adjacent to the N1 National Road, and located adjacent to one of the largest and most important four-way railway junctions in South Africa.


The Viljoenskroon/Rammulotsi urban area is located within an area of extreme agricultural significance. The urban area plays a significant role in providing residential opportunities to the adjacent goldfields and mining activities in the North West Province. The Provincial Roads P15/1 and P15/2 from Kroonstad to Klerksdorp in the North West Province extended through the area from north to south. Steynsrus/Matlwangtlwang urban area is situated approximately 45km east of Kroonstad and 92km west of Bethlehem. The major link road between Bethlehem and Kroonstad stretches adjacent to the urban area.



The neat, pleasant town of Kroonstad, the third-largest town in the Free State, lies two hours’ drive from Gauteng, making its position on the map as important as in the agricultural economy it supports. Folklore has it that the town was named for a horse, with the of Kroon (crown), belonging to Voortrekker Sarel Cilliers, which drowned in a stream on the site of the present town. A caravan park and many camp sites on the banks of the willow-lined Vaal River are frequented by anglers and water sports enthusiasts.



 Founded in 1910 and named after the last president of the Orange Free State Republic, MT Steyn. An old-fashioned, rural aggregation of cattle farm form this peaceful town , whose pottery establishment has national distribution.



 Vierfontein is a coal-mining village, formerly associated to the Vierfontein Power Station, which was active from 1953 to 1990. When the power station was decommissioned, the village was sold to a property developer.



 A quite town laid out on the farm Mahemskuil in 1921 in the heart of the Maize Triangle. Viljoenskroon is renowned for its excellent stud farms and is named after, JJ Viljoen, and his horse “Kroon”.