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Nala Local Municipality


Nala local municipality is situated in the northern part of the Lejweleputswa District Municipality. Located within a significant agricultural region, it forms part of the “maize-triangle” of South Africa. Thus, it is one of the most important municipalities in the district, as it is dubbed the ‘breadbasket’ due to its vast tracts of maize. This factor could play a key role in the diversification programme that aims to steer the district’s key economic activities away from mining. However, apart from grain product, the production of meat and dairy products also features prominently.

Nala Local Municipality is comprised of two main towns – Bothaville and Wesselsbron. The seat of the municipality is Bothaville.


The Bothaville area is located approximately 50km south of Klerksdorp, 80 km north of Welkom and 200 km south of Gauteng. Bothaville is strategically located close to the gold mining towns of Klerksdorp. Bothaville was officially declared the Maize Capital of South Africa in February 1995. This city is not only the maize jewel of the country, but also the most important town in the summer grain area. Both Bothaville and Wesselsbron produces a combined average of 550 000 tons of maize annually making it the most single district producer in South Africa.

Bothaville is also a major producer of quality vegetables, lovely export roses, authentic pottery, handsome articles, stock-farming, agro-processing and has bio-fuel plant. The annual Nampo Harvest Show every May attracts about 50 000 thousand people worldwide. This show dates back to 1967, and its main objective is to enable farmers to compare farming products. More than 600 exhibitors take part in this annual show. During this show hundreds of temporary jobs are created for the local community.



Wesselsbron is situated approximately 70 km south-west of Bothaville, and approximately 35 km west of Matjhabeng (Welkom/Odendaalsrus). was named after the Boer Commandant Cornelius Wessels, and lies just north west of Welkom and close to the Bloemhof dam, one of the largest dams in the country covering some 25 000 hectares and spanning over 100 kilometres. Wesselsbron is largely dependent on urban centres such as Odendaalsrus and Welkom for commercial supplies.



Water Pans Rich in bed and animal wildlife.
Grain Silo Towers
Conducted tours can be arranged to visit the huge Senwes Grain Silo complex and the large mill next to the complex. This complex can handle a massive 275 000 tons of grain.
Town Museum
The museum depicts the history of the town and its early inhabitants, recorded and illustrated with the help of approximately 400 photographs and other items of historical value.



The 1899 siege of Kimberly was led by commandant Cornelivs Wessels, and it is his name that was given to this small maize farming town.