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Paul Roux

Situated on the N5, between Bethlehem and Senekal. Rev Paul Roux founded the town with its sandstone buildings in 1909. There are caves in the area which gave woman and children shelter during the Anglo-Boer war. There are also ruins of historical rectangular houses which were mud plastered to be seen. Historic dinosaur footprints can be found on a nearby farm. The Holhoek Hiking trail can be found 17km from this little Eastern Free State town.

There are two huts built against the back wall under the low overhang of the roof, which are close on 200 hundred years old. Holhoek is the is first and thus far the only hiking trail for the disabled – wheel chair access right to the mountain top. Bushman rock paintings of the ancient “San” peoples most sacred animal, the eland can also be seen (they believed that the eland had supernatural powers which would help them survive).