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Petrus Steyn

Petrus Steyn was established on 11th October 1912 on the farm Sterkfontein under the Elandskop and is also the origin of the Renoster River. Petrus Steyn is the second highest town in the Free State and is approximately 200 km from Johannesburg. The town lies in the agricultural hub of the Eastern Free State producing potatoes for Lays and Simba and other suppliers.

Formerly known as Concordia, the town is the centre of an agricultural area known for wheat, maize, sunflower, potato, cattle and sheep production. The sandstone parsonage of the local Dutch Reformed Church was declared a national monument in 1988

Interesting geological sights can be seen in areas from Sasolburg to Rosendal on the Riemland Route. The following is found in these areas namely Molteno Rock formations, Fossilised forests, Listresaurus fossils, Dinosaurus fossils and other newer species of fossils such as the extinct buffalo and animal species. You will find a wide variety of wild flowers and plants in the area as well as many indigenous species of birds.