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Reddersburg Attractions



Reformed and Dutch Reformed Churches
Two sandstone churches grace the town centre. In one of them an Anglo Boer War powder magazine can be seen.
Commemorating General de Wet (1854 – 1922), the Boer general who captured an entire British column at Reddersburg during the Anglo – Boer War.
Anglo – Boer War Memorial
Dedicated in particular to fallen soldiers from Reddersburg district.
Mosterhoek Battlefield
The Boers overwhelmed
the British forces and the 4 April the white flag was hoisted here.
Dutch Reformed Church A stately church with a pulpit hand carved from wild olive wood
Van Der Post Memorial Garden
Sir Laurens Jan Van Der Post, born on 13 December 1906 IN Phillipolis, and died on 16 December 1996 in London, was a 20th century Afrikaner and author of many books, farmer, war hero, political adviser to British heads of government. Close friend of Prince Charles, godfather to Prince William, educator, journalist, humanitarian, philosopher, explorer and conservationist.
Historic Cannons
Located on a hillock behind Transgariep Museum are two cannons once used by Adam Kok for the defense of the Griqua People.
Horse Mill A historic former horse-driven mill



Transgariep Museum

Adam Kok III (1811-1875) was a leader of the Griqua history. Emily Hobhouse’s spinning and weaving schools, a horse mill and an open air
Jacoba Sem Gallery

Address: 9 Colin Fraser Street, Phillipolus
Contact Person: Emily ingle at 076 982 3811
Prof Doreen Atkins
Kovsie fine Art Student Karoo Development Foundation
E-mail: emilyjoaningle@gmail.com / karoo@intekom.co.za

Jacoba Sem lived at 9 Colin Fraser Street from 1890 until her death in 1927. She was a remarkable, independent-spirited lady, who welcomed young people into her home to appreciate art and music. The gallery, I Victorian home built in 1872, is available for emerging artist to exhibit and sell their work

Contact person: Retha Du Plessis/ Rina Coetzee/Kobie Gouws
Website: www.philippolis.org.za
Cell:083 451 6973 /083 451 6974 / 082 496 9004

A permanent exhibition of 25 contemporary paintings based on the biblical books of Job and Lamentations by the artist Rina Coetzee is housed in Jobhuis. These paintings express the artist’s struggle with depression. A visit to Jobhuis takes you on journey of coming into contact with yourself, your emotions, and the discovery of inner peace. There are opportunities for solitary meditation.
Adolfo Mcque Art Gallery

Contact Person: Richard Proctor Sims
Cell:079 546 4032
Tel: 051 773 0500/0486

Our Art gallery displays paintings of Philippolis, the Northern cape and the Southern Free State, and focusses especially on works by Adolfo McQue (oil on canvas, there are more than fifty of his paintings in the gallery), Ewart Kapp (acrylic on board) and Chris Ruthven (pastels, pen, ink and water colour). Regular exhibitions are held.
Kismet Studio

Contact Person: Jann Morison
Tel: 082 818 6996


Antiques and pewter art treasures, old and new.
Handcrafted pewter art workshops, learn more about his ancient and versatile metal alloy. It is a quit craft, a gentle art form. This beautiful Kismet Studio has an old should and good vibrations- one of the oldest Karoo houses in town- Adam Kok’s residence.
Tladi’s Art Studio

Tel:078 352 4929 (060 674 4162

A young artist from Philipolis. Don’t miss the opportunity to see him at work or view his work in Tladi’s Gallery.
Bird Watching

Contact Person: Deon Beneke
Tel: 082 956 9291

More than 200 species, including the national bird of SA.
Hiking Trail
Contact person: Deon Beneke
Tel :082 956 9291

The hiking trail through Philipolis historical streets is detailed on a hiking trail map available at Jobhuis-Philipolis
Tiger Canyons
Contact person: Sunnette Fourie
Tel: 051 773 0063/ 082 892 4680
Website: www.jvbigcats.co.za
E-mail: info@jvbigcats.co.za

Tiger Canyons is John Varty’s Conservation Project. It creates awareness about tiger’s struggle to survive. We have converted 4×4 vehicles which are fitted with a cage from where you can watch and film the free roaming tigers through the bars- a once in a lifetime opportunity.