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Rosendal is a small picturesque town in the Eastern Free State. It is situated in a valley surrounded by the Witteberge that forms part of the Drakensberg range. The area is on average 2408m above sea level. Winters are bitterly cold with severe frost and occasional snowfalls. Summers are mild and cool with temperatures rarely above 30oC. Summer rainfall are normally high, and showers also occur during the winter months. The area is known for heavy rainfall, windy conditions, hail storms and fog.

The mountains add to the natural beauty of the area. Quite a few peaks can be seen from town, “Swartkrans” is the third highest peak in the Free State. The mountains were formed 2 million years ago with lava being deposited over the Tafelberg sandstone deposit. The lava is up to 500m thick in places. The lava is deposited in layers – evidence of eruptions taking place periodically. Rooikraans is an example of red Molento sandstone in the Tafelberg deposit. The deposits consist mainly of dolerites. The geological beauty of the mountains is one of the main attracWelcome to the Eastern Free State.