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Rouxville Attractions




War Memorial/ Ramases Historic Graves


Address: Rouxville church

There are a number of gravestones and monuments in the church yard

First War Soldiers Graves Address: Rouxville graveyard

National Monument


Address:33 Roux street

This house was owned by one of the parliament members but he only used it only on Sundays when he came for church services in Rouxville


Mounting Biking Rally


Address: Mohokare auction kraal

Tel: 051 673 9600


Johannes (Jim) Fouché (1898-1980) A former State President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacobus Johannes (Jim) Fouché (1898-1980), grew up on the family farm in Rouxville, where he first attended school. He later returned to Rouxville after College and became one of the leading farmers of the region. As a leader of the community in the wider Southeast Free State area, he entered politics when he was elected a member of the South African Parliament on the ticket of the Reunited National Party, representing nearby Smithfield (1941-1950), was appointed Administrator of the Orange Free State (1951-1959), served also as Defence Minister (1959-1965) and Minister of Agricultural technical services and water affairs (1966-1968) in the Governments of Verwoerd and Vorster. He was again elected to Parliament, this time representing Bloemfontein West (1960-1968). He was the second choice as successor to Charles Swart as State President, but was defeated by Theophilus Ebenhaezer Donges, however when Donges failed to assume office because of poor health, he emerged as a compromise candidate and was nominated by the Parliamentary caucus of the National Party as State President and served his entire 7-year term (1968-1975).