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Thaba Nchu Personalities

James Sebe Moroka

In 1892 16 March, James Sebe Moroka was born in Thaba Nchu., Bophuthatswana in the Free State province. In 1909 Moroka completes his primary school education, and attends the Lovedale Institute at Alice for secondary education. In1911 Moroka left South Africa for Southampton on the ship called the Caitodonian Castle. Moroka was tutored for two years by Mr Fairweather and his wife towards and passes his London matric examination. 1913 Moroka attends medical school in Edinburgh. In 1918 he returned to South Africa as a medical physician. Moroka married Maggy, daughter of Chief Fenyani, Moroka had set up a medical practice in a rondavel in his home village in Thaba Nchu.


In 1930 he went abroad to study surgery in Vienna, Austria. 1935 December, Moroka attended the All African Convention held in Bloemfontein and was elected as the treasurer. In 1936 Moroka set up a medical practice in the town of Thaba Nchu. Moroka was part of a delegation that met the government to convey the attitude of Blacks towards Hertzog’s draft bills. In 1937 The Moroka High School was founded. In 1942 Moroka was elected onto the Native Representative Council from the Transvaal/ Orange Free State constituency. Moroka became involved with the African National Congress (ANC). In 1943 Moroka is a member of the Atlantic Charter Committee of the ANC.


In 1946 Moroka played a leading role in denouncing the NRC. In 1948 Moroka is re-elected onto the NRC. He attended reconciliatory talks between the AAC and the ANC. In 1949 December, he was elected president- general of the ANC. In 1950 Moroka resigned from the NRC. On the 26 March, Moroka presides over the Defend Free Speech Convention, which caused a stir amongst ANC members as it committed the party to the May Day stay-at-home. Moroka delivered his first public address. In 1951 February, Moroka represented the ANC at the founding of the Franchise Action Council (FRAC). In 1952 Moroka is charged under the Suppression of Communism Act during the Defiance Campaign. He chose to separate himself from the other accused. In December, Moroka was defeated by Albert Luthuli as president general of the ANC. In 1976 Moroka retired as a medical practitioner. In 1985 10 November, Moroka died at Thaba Nchu.