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Tokologo Local Municipality



Tokologo Local Municipality is in the Western parts of Free State. Tokologo‘s main resources are agricultural and although the area boasts some tourism sites, they need to be developed and marketed. The region has natural resources, an abundant supply of labour and relatively well-developed infrastructure. With a land surface area of 9,326 square km the major towns that comprise the municipality include Boshof, Dealesville and Hertzogville. Boshof (the capital town) is situated in the centre; Dealesville is further east, and Hertzogville is situated in the north of the municipal area.



Boshof is the administrative seat of the Tokologo Local Municipality. The town is located approximately 124km to the west of Bloemfontein and 53km to the east of Kimberley, along the R64 (old Bloemfontein/Kimberley Road). Most commercial and industrial activities are situated in Boshof itself and the CBD of Boshof can be broadly demarcated between Oranje, Fourie and Fontein streets. The business component of Seretse and Kareehof is weakly developed and consists mainly of lower order businesses such as corner shops and taverns. Kareehof and Seretse are predominantly dormitory towns for the low income groups with very few economic activities, save for corner shops and informal traders
Primary activities in Boshof are restricted to agriculture, which includes livestock farming, game farming and crop farming. Longstanding drought conditions have led to a decline in the agricultural sector’s ability to absorb labour. The commercial sector mainly consists of service provision to the agricultural community in the rural hinterland. The 27 hunting farms in the Boshof district attract some tourism.



Dealesville/Tshwaraganang is a small town within the region. The town is located approximately 55km to the south east of Boshof and 69km to the west of Bloemfontein along the R64 (old Bloemfontein/Kimberley Road). Dealesville is a service centre to its local residents, providing only the most essential services. The economy in the rural area is focused on agriculture. Livestock farming and crop farming activities are most common in the area, although salt works on a small scale also exist at some of the numerous salt pans in the area. Dealesville and Tshwaraganang are separated by vacant land. The surrounding area comprises irrigation and stock farms. Approximately 200ha of land was available for future development according to the municipality’s IDP. Surrounding areas comprise irrigation and stock farms. The municipality owns relatively large portions of commonage land used for agricultural purposes.



Hertzogville/Malebogo is a small town within the region. The town is located approximately 140km to the north of Bloemfontein and 93km to the north of Boshof town along the R59 (Road to Christiana). The trade and service sector in Hertzogville is focused on providing for the basic needs of the local urban and surrounding farming community only. Growth in the retail and service industry is hampered by the fact that Hertzogville is not located along the major thoroughfares between large urban centres and therefore does not have any external source of revenue. The industrial sector in Hertzogville consists of the cooperative where agricultural products are processed, the abattoir and a few light industrial activities relating to vehicle maintenance and the agricultural sector. Tourism is limited to visitors to the municipality’s Palmietpan Nature Reserve.

Hertzogville serves as a service centre for the surrounding farming community. The Central Business District is situated in the area surrounded by Bornman, du Plessis, van Rensburg and School streets. The CBD is characterized by small retail businesses, banks and service oriented businesses. Malebogo relies on the core business area found in Hertzogville as it does not have a strong business component of its own. Industrial sites are situated at the northernmost corner of Hertzogville. The co-operative is the most prominent of these light industries. An abattoir is situated at the eastern entrance to Hertzogville.