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The Basotho people live across central South Africa and in neighbouring Lesotho, where many still wear traditional thick blankets and cone-shaped grass hats. In the past, the Basotho lived in villages headed by a chief and divided into different households.Each household was built around a central area consisting of a cattle ‘kraal’, a meeting place, a graveyard and an ancestral shrine. Today, ritual feasts are still held to honour the ancestral spirits and ask for help and good fortune.Traditionally, the Basotho people were hunters, farmers and ironsmiths. Rural Basotho still herd livestock and cultivate crops, and many are superb horsemen who excel in long-distance races. They are also skilled craftsmen – look out for their beautiful mats, baskets and brightly decorated houses.

Basotho Cultural Village

Step into another world at the Basotho Cultural Village, located in the Golden Gate National Park. See how the Basotho people lived right from the sixteenth century, and interact with Basotho people carrying out everyday activities in traditional dress. Visit the ‘khotla’ (the gathering place of the men) and sample the traditional beer, or consult the ‘ngaka’ (the chief’s advisor and traditional healer). If you would like to find out more about traditional remedies using local veld herbs, be sure to join the two-hour Matlakeng Herbal Trail, guided by a traditional healer. The Basotho Cultural Village also has an art gallery and curio shop featuring some amazing work by local Basotho people.