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Tswelopele Local Municipality



The Tswelopele Local Municipality was established in terms of section 14 of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, (Act No 117 of 1998). Tswelopele Local Municipality is situated in the central Free State about a 100 km north west of Bloemfontein. It consists of Bultfontein, Hoopstad, Phahameng, Tikwana and their surrounding rural areas. However, the main areas of interest in the municipality are Bulfontein and Hoopstad.


Bultfontein was established in 1874 on one side of the huge farm Kameeldoorns (Camel Thorns), with another town Hoopstad on the other side. The Earliest township was called Marantha, and because of apartheid it was moved to a distant location and was called Phahameng.



Balanseer Dam
Offers water sport opportunities to locals and visitors alike.

Golf Course Ideal for golf enthusiasts.
Bultfontein Show Ground
Bultfontein Rolball Club
Bultfontein Tennis Club


Founded in 1876, it was initially named Hauptstad after the town’s surveyor, Mr Haupt. With a little translation into Afrikaans, the town took on its present day name of Hoopstad, or capital city, despite its never having been this. In the heart of the country’s richest maize producing district, Hoopstad is an important link to the Bloemhof Dam and the Sandveld Nature Reserve which are just 30km on the outskirts of the town. These attractions provide fishing, swimming, boating and game viewing activities.

The Bloemhof Dam
Regarded as one of the largest dams in South Africa covering an area of 25 000 hectares that lies at the confluence of the Vaal and Vet Rivers. Bloemhof is one of the angling destinations in the country and provides fishing, swimming, boating activities.
Anglo Boer War Groves
Sandstone NG Church – Hoopstad
Hoopstad Golf course

Hoopstad Tennis Club