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Virginia Attractions



Harmony Farm
This farm borders the banks of the Sand River in Virginia. Following the discovery of gold in the area in the 1940s, large portions of the farm were sold to mining companies and thus, it is seen as historic in the prospection and mining of gold. Today, visitors are drawn to the viewing of historic stone dry packed farm storage buildings. The farm house is also historic in its own right. It was attacked and burnt out during Anglo-Boer war.

Linabo Farms
The Linabo Farm buildings are located on a private farm adjacent to a railway siding known as Virginia Siding. The railway siding was a compulsory stop for steam locomotives to refill their water tanks before their onward journey. The water was pumped from the Sand River. The pump structure piers at the lowest point of the river are still visible. Whilst the railway line was for many years the main line between Bloemfontein and Johannesburg, it is now used by a mining company to transport their products.



Harmony Mine
This mine is no longer in use although the headgear and winding house are still operational. The mine may be redeveloped to provide a tourist mine shaft experience that enables visitors to observe the lay-out and operations of a mine.

Virginia Jewellery School
The Virginia Jewellery School forms part of the strong entrepreneurial legacy that Harmony Gold Mining Company aims to bequeath to communities in the Free State and Welkom areas.



The Old Steel Girder Bridge
Situated along Virginia Farm 751 is historic especially as it was damaged by British forces during the Anglo-Boer war.

The Old Post Office
The building still exists and dates back to 1890. Constructed in local sandstone, the corrugated roof is still intact.



North West Stadium/the Griffons Rugby Stadium