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Welkom Attractions


Theronia Park

It is a tranquil bird sanctuary that offers both boating and fishing activities. It is currently in a state of disrepair with the water looking seemingly polluted.

Peter Pan Park

Peter Pan Park is next to Welkom and is located in Lejweleputswa District Municipality, Free State, South Africa.



Gold Mines
Some of the world’s deepest, biggest and best known workings are located in the Welkom-Virginia area, though the industry has undergone server setbacks in recent years from moderate demand and a stubbornly conservative metal price. Visitors can experience full-day surface and underground conducted tours. For example, the St. Helena Mine is the world’s deepest wine cellar at the St Helena Mine, which is 857m below the earth’s surface.



The Flamingo Lake
Located at the western end of Welkom town, home to flamingos and other bird species. Various recreational facilities planned along the northern and western sides of the water are now mostly derelict. If the ground is revamped and maintained at excellent levels for outdoor activities in the long run, it may draw more visitors to area.



Welkom Museum
The Museum houses displays related to tourist attractions of the region, bird and animal life indigenous to this region, gold mining history and the history of the town.

Gold Museum
A complete history of gold and its mining and production is on display in the library. This public library also displays the town’s history as well as bird and animal life indigenous to this region



The Phakisa Race Track
Situated between Welkom and Odendaalsrus is world-renowned for its MotoGP races and other motor-racing events. The track boasts a 4,24km road course as well as a 1, 5 mile banked oval track similar to the highly acclaimed Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada. The asset has great investment potential and is seen as a centrifugal force for secondary tourism hub development around it vis-a-vis particular sporting events.

Rovers Club
A municipal sports centre offering rugby, soccer, netball, tennis, hockey, cricket, and bowling and snooker facilities.
Griffons Stadium

North West Stadium (currently known as the HT Pelatona Projects Stadium for sponsorship reasons) is a sports stadium in Welkom, South Africa. It is the home ground of the Griffons who compete in the Currie Cup and Vodacom Cup rugby union competitions. The stadium is able to hold 8,500 people.

Address: Griffons stadium, Welkom
Contact Person: Frank
Tell: 057 352 6482
Address: Showgrounds, Matjhabeng
Tell: 057 916 4077