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Winburg Attractions



British War Graves
A site where British soldiers were buried during the Anglo-Boer War.

The Dutch Reform Church
Following a split in the original congregation, a new church built in 1917. Being the oldest church in Winburg, it was designed by architects Moerdyk and Louw and built out of local sandstone. The unique church organ is one of only six of its kind in the country.

The Concentration Camp Site
The town was the site of a concentration camp for women and children captured by the British Army during their scorched earth campaign during the Second Boer War. 355 children and 132 adults died in this camp due to malnutrition and contagious diseases, while kept in tents without any infrastructure or protection during the bitter cold winters of 1899 – 1901

Garden of Remembrance
Beautiful landscape and manicured garden commemorating the Voortrekkers of the Groot Trek.
Voortrekker Cemetery The oldest Voortrekker Cemetery in South Africa.

Voortrekker Monument
Originally selected the site for the first Voortrekker Monument, this monument was built in 1968.

Sand River Convention Monument
The Sand River Convention monument is 15km from the town en-route to Winburg. It was at this spot that the legendary Sand river-convention was signed between the Boers and the English, proclaiming the local inhabitants independent from the crown. The Wildlife Festival Marathon is a unique marathon where the athletes run through Willem Pretorius Reserve during the annual wildlife auction. This is a qualifying event for the Comrades.

Stone Hut
These houses are a little dilapidated, but offer insight into history of the area’s first inhabitants.



MT Steyn Museum
Home of former president MT Steyn, now a museum on the Voortrekker Monument ground.

The first President of the Republic of South Africa, when it gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1961, was Charles Robberts Swart, who was born and went to school in Winburg.